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My Taonga

The beads shine like shining stars in the black clear sky. It is as precious as diamonds. It was given to my Mum by my uncle as a gift. No one knows how old it is, not even a fortune teller. This beautiful necklace is like clear water from Waiwera, draining all the beauty of Waiwera water to itself.
Each bead has memories of where it had been and where it has come from.
My Uncle gave it to our family because it was a necklace and he loved it but could never wear it.
It was kept in a dusty drawer, of corse inside it wasn’t dusty.
It was given to him by his best friend. My uncle had been to many places before when he had met his friend. He’s been to Australia for two months and then went to Taiwan. That’s when he had meet his friend. He gave it to him as a thank you gift. His best friend needed to get to work but he couldn’t drive or didn’t have a car and my uncle dropt him of at work and before he gave the necklace he said “take care of this it is priceles.”
In 40 years time I will pass this necklace to someone that will look after this for me. I wonder how they will treat my family treasure?


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