This was 2009's Work

Welcome to our Writing and Publishing Wiki

This is where we will share our amazing writing and the different ways we have published our work!

tip_of_the_week.jpgTip of the Week

Week 7
Remember to save pictures with a unique name, if you are going to use your own name, then add a number to it
Week 6
remember your keyboard shorts Command C, V, and Z for undo
Week 5
When uploading a screen capture to our wiki page, it must have be saved with a unique name.
Week 4
To Export a Comic Life, go File-Export, choose Jpeg from the dropdown menu, save to your folder on the server
Week 3
Hold down the Command key and click with the mouse to open up webpages in different tabs
Week 2
Command T will open up multiple pages on Safari and Firefox
Week 1
Command C is Copy and Command V is Paste, Command A is Select All
Shift - Command - 4 is take a scrProxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 n capture
Week 2 and 3 Term 4 (B1)

We are making brainstorms of a moment in time we remember from school. Use your senses to describe what you remember about your moment in time.

Day Seven


Some of you might like to try a Glogster Poster or make an avatar for your page

Day Six

Open the Inspiration Argument writing file in your Room folder. argument_temp.png

Resave as 'yourname' argument framework.

Type in your argument.


Publish your argument in a newspaper clipping http://www.fodey.com/generators/newspaper/snippet.asp


Day Five

Day Four


This week we start Argument writing. Here is an Argument mindmap. Add to the mindmap with some of your points you would like to discuss.

Here is a game that is all about Arguments

Day Three

day_three_1.png second_page.pngthird_page.png

Day Two

Methods of Drafting, Writing and Publishing to complete
Wordle (We can use this as a Proof reading tool, Which words may we have used too many times?)

Publish a story straight to our Wiki page, either type it or copy/paste it in. Make a suitable heading.

Upload a Pages document that has had borders and graphics added to it to Slideshare and then embed into our Wikipage.

Publish an example of retelling as a comic or in Xtranormal.

Day One

What are the rules?

Look at our Wikipage.

Practice our typing

Play a spelling game or Typing game.
Type our Recount into Pages.
Make a Wordle of it.

  1. spelling
  2. typing keyboarding